SportHG Saddles

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SportHG Saddles Revolution in the world of lightweight saddles.Maximum comfort for the horse.Maximum control for the rider.The 4.0 and 4.0+ range is developed with the goal to find maximum comfort for thehorse, being secured perfectly on the back of the horse in an even, linear and flexibleway and eliminating chance of any lesions.The saddle is intended for the most demanding riders who are searching for the bestpoint of balance while maintaining the greatest possible contact.

Two openings 4.0 & 4.0 +

4.0 more closed opening at the withers

4.0+ standard opening at the withers

Full CarbonFull CarbonMemory FoanSeat and flaps


Two models ASC & ASM




4.0 - 4.0 + Leathercuir complete

Carbon fibre frame

Natural leather cover

Hand stitched

cuir complete



fenders 1